Pictures of

the first United front

Sept 7
Resolutions of

the first United front

Sept 7

It is impressive that the United Front has now grown to over 120 member organizations and 27 individuals on 4 continents.

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Information Letter No. 8 on the 1st World Congress of the Anti-imperialist United Front
Information Letter No. 10 on the 1st World Congress of the United Front
Resolution: Bread for Gaza! The Palestinian people must live and be free!
Declaration on Palestine
Information Letter No. 15 of the United Front
Workers of the world against wars, war preparation and the war economy
Calls for Nakba Day on 15 May
Information Letter No. 16 of the United Front
Suwash - Youth Co-President in United Front from Nepal
Sharutkan - United Front Young Co-Chairman
Reminder Webinar
Information Letter No. 17 of the United Front
Joint fight against the intensified fascist danger in Europe and the entire world!
Declaration of solidarity with the mass protests of the Kenyan people